The Carrot-Cino Now Exists And It’s Official – Hipster Trends Are Bonkers!

If you thought that the hipster coffee trend had peaked with the avolatte (unfortunately) you would be sadly mistaken. We, the citizens of planet earth, have decided to mercilessly butcher a glorious vegetable – the carrot. We all know just how lovely and versatile carrots are (carrot cake, subzi, you name it, you got it). Yet, with all its brilliant uses it instead has been resigned to the role of a carrot-cino.

Bless the kind (not) folks in Australia who brought us the avolatte, as in an attempt to outdo themselves they have spawned this creation (monstrosity?). The designated name is unimaginative at best. The carrot-cino is exactly what it sounds like; a cappuccino served in a scooped out carrot and finished with latte art.

The Carrot-Cino Now Exists And It's Official - Hipster Trends Are Bonkers!

Honestly, I have so many questions. How much coffee would one really get from a carrot-cino? I know that the carrots we have here in India would probably only house a sip or two. Is Australia home to monster carrots? Or, is it’s purpose purely aesthetic and perfunctory? Does one order an additional regular cappuccino in order to get their caffeine buzz? I need answers!

Whatever the case, there is no question that the Locals Corner (where the carrot-cino debuted) will have an influx of customers in the near future. The owner even mentioned that this would be a regular thing, with a different coffee flavour every week (what next, a capsi-cino?). Gimmick or not, the proof is in the pudding.