This Cafe Lets You Pick Any Picture To Print As Latte Art

Food and drink have become increasingly gimmicky in the last couple of years, but some of the gimmicks honestly aren’t so bad. Take, for example, Carrera Cafe in Los Angeles. At this cafe, you can get whatever picture you want printed on your coffee as latte art.

You can see exactly how it’s done, courtesy of Delish in the video below!

You can choose from a wide variety of popular images of celebrities, or customise it with a designer print, or even draw your own design if you fancy yourself a bit of a budding artist (we’ve all got to start somewhere right?). Although it’s plain to see that Carrera Cafe’s latte art is a bit of a gimmick (I mean, it’s ruined as soon as you take a sip of your coffee) at least you’ll have time to Instagram a picture.

After all, if you didn’t post a picture of your coffee on social media, did you even drink it?