Carouse In Mumbai As You Sip On Sassy Cocktails And Binge On Delicious Food
January 3, 2018
Shruti Anand (1397 articles)

Carouse In Mumbai As You Sip On Sassy Cocktails And Binge On Delicious Food

The newly opened Carouse at Lower Parel is all set to give South Mumbai a rocking place to party with its plush lounge interiors, private party area and a rooftop section. We decided to help you resolve what to indulge in when you feel like replenishing yourself with a cocktail and food.

The Cocktails

It’s true that hard drinks and beers keep doing the rounds at a crazy weekend party but cocktails too need to be ready to make you dance harder than before and the drinks at Carouse do just that. If you love a wine based cocktail then sip on ‘Take Me To Church’ with soft notes of red wine that goes with food and perfect for a mild kick. Can’t stay without Bourbon in your drink? Sip on their Mad King cocktails with citrusy notes and bourbon that lends smoky flavours to the drink.

Try Bloggers’ Choice if you love a spiced cocktails. This one plays with strong notes of lemongrass and a spicy kink with its ginger reduction. The Fallen Angel was our favourite made with a galangal reduction that adds zesty flavours to the drink and the aftertaste of rosemary makes it a lip smacking cocktail.

The Food

We binged on two of their popular appetizers – Citrus & Chili Rawas and Roast Pumpkin Walnut Samosa. The rawas was cooked beautifully with aromatic citrusy notes that went beautifully with pickled ginger and roasted bell peppers. A must try!

The samosas were quite mellow with a delicious pumpkin and walnut stuffing a lovely beetroot marmalade posing as a dip. A good invention there.

As we waited for the main course to arrive we nibbled onto their bread platter which was also quite interesting. We loved the Methi Sticks out of the lot as these were quite tasty. For the mains we tucked into Fettuccine with pan seared Duck Leg Confit, a dish that seemed to come alive from the MasterChef kitchen. The duck was well cooked and the flavours of the tangerine jus went along to create a delicious dish of food. We loved the cranberry compote and fresh slices of fruit that balanced out the food quite well.

The overall experience and service at Carouse was amazing and we recommend that you do try their delicious food and cocktails while you’re here partying away or simply for a diner with family and friends.

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Shruti Anand

Shruti Anand

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