Carnivores Look Away, A New Study Shows You Should Cut Your Meat Intake By 10 Percent

As much as it pains me to say this, studies show that vegetarians may be on to something. Thanks to the influx of junk food that is a part of our diet (healthy people please, we’re not talking to you) the risks of getting diet-related illnesses is on the rise. A simple solution – cut your meat intake by 10 percent. Doesn’t seem too drastic right?

Brian Kateman, the editor of The Reducetarian Solution (aha, I see what you did there), suggests that by cutting just 10 percent of meat intake, your body could see a positive impact. The average person eats over 270 pounds of meat a year (who are these people?), leading to a high percentage of cholesterol in the body. This can increase your chances of heart disease.

Carnivores Look Away, A New Study Shows You Should Cut Your Meat Intake By 10 Percent

Honestly, I don’t think this is too much of a problem here in the subcontinent. As much as I’m a ‘meat lover’ I do actually enjoy the odd plate of rice and dal (if there are subzi and papads). Not too much of a shocker is it? Speaking from experience, most people in India do. Also, we don’t eat an abundance of red meat (thanks, meat ban, jk. no thanks) so technically speaking aren’t we already doing exactly what the study says?

Brian Kateman suggests that people enjoying a longer lifespan tend to exercise (thanks, but no thanks), have wine occasionally (I can get on board with this) and eat food that is 95 percent plant-based. No need to be vegetarian or vegan — just cut the amount of meat you take in for a healthier overall lifestyle.

That’s good news for us carnivores at they’re basically just saying that ‘moderation is key’ so don’t go throwing away that steak in the freezer just yet (we know how hard you worked to get it). Perhaps, just swap it out for another meal, and save it for that rainy day when a steak is all you crave.