Carnation Hospitality To Invest Rs.100 Crores In Barista Coffee Chain

Carnation Hospitality, the parent of coffee chain Barista has announced that it plans to invest Rs.100 core in the brand in 2017.


“We aim to be 500 stores in the next five years, primarily through a franchisee route,” said Sanjay Chhabra, Chairman of Rollatainers, the parent company of Carnation Hospitality.

The Barista Story In India

Barista was established in February 2000 by the Barista Coffee Company Limited and, in 2007, was sold to Lavazza a coffee brand. In 2014, Lavazza sold the chain to Carnation Hospitality.


Today, Barista is the second largest coffee chain in India and has over 190 stores across the country.

Plans To Expand

In September last year, Carnation Hospitality announced that it planned to invest Rs.250 crore in Barista over the next five years.


Following up on that commitment, it plans to open 50 outlets in 2017 with a Rs.100 crore investment in cities like Chandigarh and Pune.  

It is also looking at starting outlets in the Middle East, Europe and the Maldives, where it will operate through the franchise model. Barista already has a presence in Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka.