Carlsberg Gave Niels Bohr The Ultimate Token For Winning The Nobel Prize


Yesterday was Nobel laureate Niels Bohr’s birthday, and while digging up a little about the scientist we learnt of an interesting connection between him and beer giant Carlsberg. Apparently, making breakthrough discoveries in physics can get you a house filled with lots of beer!

The Danish Physicists was quite popular in his time among his colleagues and friends. Owing to this, after winning the Nobel Prize for physics in 1922 for his investigations into the structure of the atom and early work in quantum mechanics, Bohr was gifted a house by the Carlsberg brewery. Yes, THE Carlsberg.

Carlsberg Gave Niels Bohr The Ultimate Token For Winning The Nobel PrizeImage:


Probably The Best Gift In The World

The house, which was located next to the company’s brewery, was special in a number of ways, but the one characteristic that stood out was the fact that it had a direct pipeline to the brewery so that Bohr had free beer on tap whenever he wanted.


But the scientist’s popularity was not the only reason Carlsberg made the move. According to Forbes, the beer giant had a passion for science as part of its company culture. In fact, they even had a laboratory devoted to developing better beer brewing. This laboratory, in 1875, was the first to isolate Saccharomyces pastorianus, the species of yeast used to brew pale lagers.

So you see kids, taking a keen interest in science could end up in more than just international acclaim. You could have yourself a personal beer pipeline as well!


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