Care For Some Home-Brewed Vegemite Beer?

Home-brewing is becoming the new big thing, with various Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns running to fund various different kinds of home-brewing machines that can sit right beside your coffee maker in the kitchen. In the day and age of doing everything through your phone, these machines are obviously god’s gift to mankind. These home-brewing machines are used mostly for custom craft beers, but ABC News Australia says that Vegemite can be used as the base for home-brewing and it’s cheaper too!

For those that have never had Vegemite before, it’s a yeast spread that is popular all over Australia. Made from brewers’ yeast extract with various vegetable and spice additives, it’s something that most Australians would swear by and love. Think of it as a bread spread but not your usual kind of spread. University of Queensland researcher Dr. Ben Schulz told ABC News that their data “showed that home-brewed Vegemite beer could be easily made from sugar, Vegemite, and yeast. The Vegemite added the nutrients necessary for the fermentation process.”

The big reason that this has even come up as an option for beer is because it would be considerably cheaper to make and sell, if required. ABC News said that 375 millimeters of “bulk commercial beer” would cost around $1.60 in Australia, while the Vegemite beer would cost only $0.09. But the obvious issue is that the Vegemite beer wouldn’t really be something that lots of people would enjoy. Dr. Schulz called it a “bland-tasting drink that had a distinct Vegemite aftertaste”.

But if you’re a Vegemite fan with a love for home-brewed beers, this might just be what you’re looking for. Whether you’d continue to like Vegemite after this or not, is still up for debate.