Captain Cool, MS Dhoni, Loses His Cool In Latest Snickers Commercial
March 5, 2018

Captain Cool, MS Dhoni, Loses His Cool In Latest Snickers Commercial

On Monday, Mars International India Pvt. Ltd, the local arm of American chocolate giant Mars Inc. announced the signing on Indian cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni as the new brand ambassador of the company’s popular chocolate label, Snickers.

In a hilarious new video commercial, the former Indian skipper can be seen boosting the morale of his team members. Staying true to Snickers’ tagline “You are not you when you’re hungry” (hunger ache achho ko badal deta hai), the cricketer is sporting a medieval war suit and asking his fellow cricketers to take a pledge to beat the opposition. Despite one of the players arguing that it’s a “friendly match”, Dhoni goes about crying for revenge. Moral of the story: when hungry, “even captain cool loses his cool”.

“We are honored to have M.S. Dhoni join the Snickers family. The brand is loved across the world for its cool quotient and there is no one who personifies this better than our very own Captain Cool. Ever since its launch in the Indian market, Snickers has successfully built upon the philosophy of how you’re not you when you are hungry. With the association of M.S. Dhoni, we are beginning the next chapter of our journey in India and strengthening our relevance amongst Indian consumers,” said Yogesh Tewari, marketing director, Mars Wrigley Confectionery.

In addition to the video ad, the campaign featuring Dhoni will also include digital, in-store, and outdoor promotions. Earlier, Bollywood actors Sonam Kapoor and Rekha in a series of television commercials and advertisements promoted Snickers. Watch Captain Cool lose his cool in the commercial below.

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