#CanYouBira? Strike A Pose and Find Out!


A frequently asked for name on the bar, Bira 91 has taken the beer market and beer-lovers by storm since its launch. The Delhi-based beer label is India’s first handcrafted beer, made with only the finest ingredients from across the globe. Adding to its impressive folio of firsts, Bira 91 has launched 500ml cans as well.

The 500ml cans will offer two variants: lager (sparkling blonde) and the wheat beer (cloudy sunshine). Staying true to the Bira’s neo, quirky, yet minimalistic image, the cans are designed along the same aesthetics – much like the existing Bira 91 bottles that manage to stand out amongst other brews despite a fairly simple exterior.

#CanYouBira? Strike A Pose and Find Out!Image: Pocket News Alert



But all the fancy beer bottles aside, can you Bira? Can you create something extraordinary; something out of the box that stands yards from the definition of ordinary? Well, you can find out with a simple exercise (read, challenge)! That’s right, the #CanYouBira challenge.


It’s simple really. All you have to do is strike the Bira 91 against the most unusual backdrop or in a totally odd place/situation – for instance, in the metro, an ATM line, a movie theatre, or bang in the idle of a bustling bazaar! You can make a GIF, a Boomerang video, or even a picture and share it with your friends, followers, and family with the #CanYouBira.


The most striking entrants stand a chance to win a bunch of uber cool Bira goodies. So get out there and start posing! But keep it simple and keep it unique. The idea is to stand out and #BeBira.


Featured Image: The Bangalore Times