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We Can’t Un-see Nicole Kidman Bingeing On Live Worms


Talk shows and game shows along with their respective hosts make celebrities do a roster of crazy things. From indulging in hot wings competitions to drinking bird saliva, we’ve seen quite a lot. But out there is an actress who is stuffing herself with worms on her own will!

Now, we are aware that a lot of people are open to trying it all and even dine on insects on a regular basis, but we haven’t seen someone stomach a four-course bug meal quite like Nicole Kidman. Apparently, eating insects is Kidman’s hidden talent, which she revealed on Vanity Fair’s latest edition of ‘Secret Talent Theatre’.

“Two billion people in the world eat bugs and I’m one of them,” the Big Little Lies actor proclaimed proudly during the segment.

So, what did she really eat on the show? First up was a bowl of live hornworms, which were tiny bright blue wiggly things that Kidman tackled with a pair of chopsticks and an almost challenging smile. In case you’re wondering what the live worms tasted like, the Bewitched actress had this to say: “Extraordinary!”

To chase the hornworms were a bunch of mealworms, which, in the words of the actress, were “fruity”. Kidman even went as far as comparing the next delicacy – crickets – to a “hairy nut”. Sure. Yes. Hairy Nuts. Finally, for dessert, the 50-year-old devoured a helping of fried grasshoppers. Suddenly, in light of the rest of the menu, fried grasshoppers actually seem edible!

“I’m telling you, I’d win Survivor!” Kidman gushed. Yes, Nicole, we don’t disagree. Watch the complete segment in the video below.

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