Can’t decide where to drink tonight? This New Genius App will select a mystery bar and Uber you to it!

Leave it to chance

So it’s Friday and you’re all geared up for the weekend. Your college friends are in town and you can’t wait to head out in that new dress and paint the town red. But wait? Where to go? Then begins that search on Yelp, Zomato, Google, any thing that will give you the perfect place to drink. You scroll down the list, pausing at each new bar while your head or your friends give you tons of reasons why you shouldn’t go there. Frustrated, you give up, order in the booze and have a night in. 

What if there was an app? An app that does the selection for you and even sends you a cab to take you right there, all with the allure of mystery and charm. I know I’d download it and we bet you will too. Enter Bar Roulette, the hot new app that combines Yelp and Uber to provide you the perfect night out. 

How does it work? 

Open the app and sign in. Set the mile radius that you’re comfortable with. You don’t want to end up too far from home in case you hit the bottle one too many times. The app then picks out a top-rated bar in Yelp and keeps it a secret from you. It automatically calls an Uber for you and reveals the location only to the driver. Sit in the Uber and it takes you right to the bar and then will reveal the name of the bar to you. (in case there’s more than one bar on that street)

“It even checks to make sure the bar is open so it works on Saturday morning…I won’t judge,” co-creator Tyler Swartz wrote on Product Hunt. Commenters on Product Hunt have already asked for added functionality like restaurants, or even Airbnb.

Right now it isn’t available on IOS or Android and is a web app. But the team is currently working to build an iPhone version.