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Candy Crush saga ruined my life: 10 awesome screenshots


1. Is your life empty? Fill it up with Candy crush chocolate!

candy crush chocolate

2. Looks like there is a fortress to keep all the candy in.

 candy Crush game

3. Crush your diet with this delicious candy.

Candy crush delicious

4. Giant bean? Hey Jack, we found one for you.

Candy Crush Candy bean


5. Oh, sweet. Let’s play this game one more time.

5 candy

6. Delicious? Sweet? Fun? My thoughts exactly.

Candy crush game

7. Just when I’m fishing for more points, a row of coloured fishes appear. This game just keeps getting better.

Candy Crush finishing moves

8. 60! I’m pretty sure I’ll still be playing this game even when I’m 60.

Candy crush, 60 points jackpot

9. Moonstruck, already? I’ve been playing this game for a long time.

Candy crush moonstruck

10. If all bombs were made of candy, there would be world peace.

Candy Crush candy bomb