Can You Spot The Real Life Models In Artist Filippo Ioco’s Food?


Known for his expertise in body art, artist and photographer Filippo Ioco never fails to baffle people with his work. This time it’s a series of pictures in which he uses body paint to blend real life models into images of tasty dishes, desserts and drinks. Not just food but Ioco has also included various cocktails and drinks in his collection in the past.

Check out some of his work below and play a game of ‘Spot the human’ with yourself!



Man-cakes anyone?



The most poised carrot ever!


Cherry Cheesecake

Now this one’s a toughie! Watch this behind the scenes video for a clearer picture.


Double Chocolate Fudge

Are you fudging serious?!


Bloody Mary

Say hello to Celery!

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Banana Split




Hey there Bubbly!


‘I have painted the human body into every imaginable environment or concept. Like all my work, this series is simply about pushing the boundaries of the imagination and challenging myself as an artist to grow and explore.

‘Foods and beverages seemed like the perfect avenue to explore. As long as I am alive I will always keep pushing and exploring the imagination.

“For this series I use a combination of image elements put together to create the final image. Such elements include the human body, food or drink preparation and props such as the celery headpiece of the Bloody Mary cocktail or the cherries in the ice cream pictures.” Indeed a lot goes into churning out a single image of Ioco’s. Watch this video to find out how he really does it.


For Ioko the excitement of seeing the image come to life trumps any patience required. And he just want to create powerful images that excite and open ones imagination to a world of wonder.

Well he has succeeded beautifully in doing just that!


Binge eater by day and binge watcher by night, Ankita is fluent in food, film, and Internet. When she’s not obsessing over the hottest trends, tacos, and the perfect author’s bio, you can find her under a pile of Jeffery Archer’s novels or looking for the nearest wine shop.

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