Can The Fortified Sausage Be The Next Big Cancer Cure?

Processed meats are currently being scrutinized by the World Health Organization’s cancer agency, which classifies their consumption as ‘carcinogenic to humans’. The International Agency for Research on Cancer backs this report by saying that “the decision is based on sufficient evidence in humans that the consumption of processed meat causes colorectal cancer”, quoted FoodNavigator.

Following reports by the World Health Organization, experts have been working day through the night to look for a solution. European researchers have been working hard to come up with an alternative that cuts down the risk.Can-healthier-sausages-fortified-with-berry-antioxidants-reduce-cancer-risk_strict_xxl


Berry Healthy

In an upcoming three-year study, scientists at the Swedish Lund University will antioxidants will be processed in order to prevent cell damage that leads to cancer, say the National Cancer Institute.

These antioxidants will be extracted from natural sources like plants and berries and will be further added to the processed meats to fight away carcinogenic elements.berry_basket

When enriched with the antioxidants, the oxidation in processed meats will be reduced which will in turn reduce the risk of colon cancer.


Mice Way of Doing It

During the course of the study, the fortified meats will be fed to mice that will be closely analyzed for signs of cancer. Another group of mice will be given the non-fortified food for a comparative study.

In a statement to the FoodNavigator, researcher Eva Tornberg said that, “If our hypothesis proves to be true, it will indicate that the risk of colon cancer can be reduced by eating a balanced diet”. In addition to these ‘healthier’ meats, an antioxidant-rich diet should be consumed along with meats to amplify efficiency, said Tornberg.rsz_meat58