We Can All Relate With Gymnast Simone Biles’ Post-Game Food

The Rio Olympics have been nothing short of enthralling and moreover inspiring for the billions of eyes glued to their TV, mobile and computer screens throughout the world. It is not unknown that athletes put in a lot of sweat to perform at the Olympics, but what about after they’ve performed?

After winning a million hearts and a solid Gold for her flawless vaults last night, Simone Biles is now officially the best at what she does. But she’s even better at what she does after the game and meets.

In an interview with ABC News last week, the athlete revealed her post-game food. “It doesn’t even matter if I don’t win a self-gold, after every meet I have pizza. Pepperoni pizza.”

Biles has been open about her “relationship” with Pizza. Case in point, her social media handles.


Sigh! Gold medalists, they are just like us!


Feature Image: New Yorker