You Can Now Get Pass Pass Pulse Candies In Orange Flavour

The DS Group has added a new Pass Pass Pulse candy to their portfolio; Pulse Orange. This adds to the Pass Pass Pulse Kacha Aam and Guava flavours.


About The DS Group

Founded in 1929, the Dharampal Satyapal group is involved in a variety of sectors likes F&B, hospitality, agro forestry, tobacco, and packaging and mouth fresheners.

The group added Pass Pass Pulse to its FMCG sector in early 2015 with the launch of Pass Pass Pulse in Kachcha aam available in pillow packs for Rs.1. This was followed by the launch of the Guava flavour also available for Rs.1.

Pulse Orange

Now, the group has launched Pulse Orange, also available in a pillow pack for Rs.1. The candy will be available across India and will be marketed in several ways.


The Pass Pass Pulse brand seems to be going from strength to strength: in April 2016, it announced it had reached sales of Rs.1000 crore in 8 months.