December 1, 2016
Karishma (2158 articles)

You Can Now Get Cheetos Quesadillas At Taco Bells In The Philippines

First came Mac and Cheetos from Burger King. Then came the Cheetos Chicken Fries. Now, Mexican fast food chain Taco Bell has jumped on the Cheetos hybrid bandwagon and launched Cheetos Quesadillas in the Philippines.

Chester Cheetah Visits Taco Bell

“Chester Cheetah has taken over #TacoBellPHL and he’s created the #CheetosQuesedilla,” a post on the Taco Bell Philippines Facebook page says.

As you can see, the quesadillas have been stuffed with cheddar jalapeno Cheetos which will give them an extra crunch and a beautiful additional douse of cheese.

Understandably, the announcement has gained 13K reactions, over 3000 shares and 2.7K comments; never underestimate how obsessed the world is with cheese.  In the past, Taco Bell has used Cheetos to fill its burritos.

If you’re not lucky enough to be in the Philippines, why not carry along a bag of Cheetos on your next visit to Taco Bell?


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