You Can Now Drink Two Flavoured Soylent Beverages

Meal replacement company, Soylent has launched two flavoured drinks in cacao and nectar variants. This marks a deviation from Soylent’s signature products, which are marketed as ‘meal replacement’ drinks meant to save people the effort of actually cooking and eating nutritious meals. 


When Soylent originally launched their products, they were nearly tasteless, presumably to save customers having to worry about choosing flavours.

Soylent Adds Flavours To Its Repertoire

However, come January 10th, the brand will launch two flavoured ‘meal replacement’ drinks. According to a statement issued by Soylent, these will deliver 20% of an individual’s daily nutritional requirements in one drink. 


While the new Nectar drink will have a fruity taste, the Cacao drink will have a velvety chocolate flavour. A case of the drinks – 12 drinks – will cost $37.05 for subscribers and $39 for one-time orders.