You Can Now Count Calories By Snapping Your Food Using This App!

Weight watching and calorie counting can be a demanding exercise (quite literally). It’s not easy hitting up every bite on Google to make sure that you fit into your clothes. But all that’s about to get easier! Say hello to ‘Snap It’.

Launched by nutrition tracking app ‘Lose It’, the feature (available on iOS and Android) lets users count the calories in their food by simply clicking a picture of the same and uploading it. The weight loss app has had food-tracking for years but required users to manually enter what they were eating into its database to track calories and nutrition. Now, users can speed up this process by taking photos of their food within the app, reports Mashable.

lose-it_stills_in-app_4x3-ratio_orangeImage: Tech Crunch

The new feature functions based on a new image recognition software that is able to guess what’s in the photo and match it to items in the app’s database. And just in case the app fails to recognize entry, users can manually enter it.

Although, the app does require a little bit more than just clicking and uploading a picture, it does rule out a lot of hassle when it comes to counting calories. After identifying the item(s) in the picture, the user still needs to select a fitting entry and then customize it by providing the serving size and other additional information.

For the most part, it’s only able to recognize general categories of food — sushi or candy, for example — so you’ll still need to select the specific item in order to get a precise entry.

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Basically, you now have a solid reason apart from Instagram to click a picture of your plate before every meal.

Feature Image: Digital Trends