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Can Mcdonald’s spread it thin? We take a look at a Happy and even Healthy Meal


I’m lovin’ it???

If you’re hoping to be told that McD is the food of love, so eat on, you’re going to be disappointed. But if you’re hoping for good news of a moderate kind, then here it is – McD’s salads are actually more loaded with fats than their burgers, so here are the healthier options if you MUST eat at Mcdonald’s and want your body to love you for it:

Make it fishy:

Ordering a fish fillet burger with no ( I know this is going to be hard and easier said than done) bun, cheese, fries, Coke or mayo. Can you stomach that? If the Mc chicken sandwich is available, go for it, but try asking for grilled and not crispy chicken. Sigh! These things are easier in the West.

Wrap it up:

Better still, one of their wraps. But beware of ranch dressing or crispy chicken. The former will fill your calorie account with 20 more, and the latter with a hundred more. Stick to chipotle or honey mustard dressing.

For Salad days:

If it’s a salad, and only a salad that will make you feel virtuous, then the things to face with stout denial are:- crispy chicken ( again, the villain of the piece), creamy dressing, cheese and bacon.

Let’s face it, even dieticians and fitness gurus have to eat, and not everyone can carry packed food to suit their specifications. So, when running to catch a flight to their next session on Eating Less, Eating Right, even a hardcore critic of Mcdonald’s might have to occasionally eat humble pie and bite the bun. So don’t flagellate yourself for loving that hamburger. Share it with someone you love, spare the extras, no matter how persuasive the sound of, “Would you like some fries with that, Sir?” Remember, people at the cash counters are not just cashiers; they are trained to make it sound really honeyed. Just don’t buy that, nor any poppycock you may read about people who lost tonnes just eating a Mcdonald’s diet. Keep it light, keep it occasional- and soon everyone will be lovin’ that leaner version of you that they remember from many years ago.