Can Going Out For Sushi And Cocktails Help You Score A Second Date?


Have you mustered up the courage to ask that cute co-worker out this Valentine’s Day? Well, if you’ve had your eye on them for a while, the chances are that you’re hoping this date will lead to a second date and many more to come. Do you need a cheat tip to make sure that’s going to happen? Take them out for sushi.


A survey  by and biological anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher found that having sushi on  a first date results in a 170% higher chance of a second date. There’s a logical reason to that but we’ll get there. First here’s a little more about the survey:

The Survey

Each year,, a popular dating site in the US conducts a survey among singles to determine the dos and don’ts on dates.

They selected a representative sample of 5,504 US singles, who they asked about topics like politics, food, drinks and behaviour in relation to first dates.


Sushi and Drinks

We’ve already told you that the survey found that if you take your date out for sushi, you’re more likely to score a second date. “It’s adventurous,” said Fisher. “Any kind of novelty drives up the dopamine system in the brain.”

Additionally, sushi with fish has omega-3 which boosts alertness (which will make you seem more interesting to your date) while seaweed raises testosterone. Meanwhile, wasabi that is served with sushi raises the heart rate of an individual, which is a symptom of infatuation and arousal.


If you’re not a fan of raw fish, make sure the place you’re going serves booze; having cocktails increases your chances of a second date by 130 %.


Want to test the theory? Head to these restaurants in Mumbai for some awesome sushi, and remember to tell us whether it worked?