Calorie Counts On Menus? Ireland’s Restaurants Are Going With It!

We believe Ireland is about to become the healthiest place ever, should they choose to get concious over the new added numbers they’re about to see on menus. The Government of Ireland proposed a new Health and Well-Being Bill which are targeted at restaurants. Now, all restaurants in Ireland will be off to reprint their menus thanks to the new law that requires them to have calorie counts on the menu. And no, it is not a choice. According to The Journal, a new survey was published, focussing on the country, which showed 60% of the people being overweight or obese.


According to the FSAI, all food businesses will have to comply to this rule, introducing the calorie count on physical menus, online menus, leaflets and boards at the outlets too, and the calories will have to be displayed in Kilo Calories and Kilo Joules. While the rule is on its way to being implemented, the Department of Health in Ireland is open to response from people regarding things like calorie display at buffets, food for sharing, and portioned meals like combos.  


Well at least now people know what they are about to be having, and how much calories exactly they will be consuming. So this comes in handy for health concious people and fitness buffs, but restaurants may also begin to notice the like straying away from many dishes because of the calorie count.