This California Hotel Can Deliver A 10 Pound Donut In The Room
September 8, 2017
Shruti Anand (1126 articles)

This California Hotel Can Deliver A 10 Pound Donut In The Room

JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort in California now offers a Donut Disturb package all through the year and is inclusive of the customer receiving a 10-pound donut delivered to their rooms. Brought in with a variety of milkshake the donut is three feet in width and about a foot in length.

The massive donut is made up of Tahitian vanilla cake, cream, raspberry jelly on the inside. This is then topped with fondant layers, pink creme frosting, macaroon crisps and neon jimmies. Not only this, on taking this package the customer gets an additional $50 room credit per night which can be used on dining, spa or golfing.

On the launch day of the Donut Disturb package, the kitchen team at JW made a 100-pound donut as well.

Image Source: Food Beast

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Shruti Anand

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