This Café Will Only Serve You Gluten Free Food If You Have A Doctor’s Note

The White Moose Cafe, an Irish restaurant, is back in the news again at the center of a new controversy. About a year ago, it declared it would not be serving vegans. This time, it’s because it posted this on its Facebook page:

What’s Gluten Free?

Before we get into discussing people’s reactions to that post, let’s take a look at the vocabulary first.

Gluten is a protein that is found in wheat, barley and rye. For people with coeliac disease, gluten can wreak havoc in their small intestines, causing diarrhoea, abdominal distention and a lack of appetite.

Gluten Free diet

Recently, gluten free diets have become popular in the food community. People following the diet avoid foods with gluten. However, just because they’re on the diet does not necessarily mean they have a medical condition that will threaten their wellbeing if they eat gluten.

The White Moose Cafe’s Stand

The point that The White Moose Cafe was trying to make, we believe, is that people who are on the gluten free diet as a fad will not be entertained. Posted, we’re sure by Paul Stenson, the café’s owner (who has previously stirred up trouble with vegans), the post states that an individual needs medical proof that one has coeliac disease. Here’s a follow up where Stenson assures everyone he’s serious:

Since it was posted, the notice has been liked 40,000 times and shared over 8000 times. It, along with follow up posts are getting more and more attention.

Head over to The White Moose Cafe’s Facebook page to read them all and prepare to enjoy a few laughs.