Café Coffee Day Opens an Immersive Gourmet Dining Experience in Bandra with its Flagship Concept – ‘Coffee Day Square’

Residents and foodies of Mumbai, brace yourself for an epicurean journey that will delight your senses like no other. Café Coffee Day launches its flagship concept, Coffee Day Square, as the new gourmet hub in Mumbai at Carter Road, Bandra. This premium offering brings you a specially curated menu that perfectly complements the culinary evolution of the people of the city, and further takes it forward to the next level. The newly launched Coffee Day Square is set to be a premium addition to Mumbai’s food map catering to the discerning Indian diner.

With an assortment of indulgent and wellness offerings, handpicked coffee selections and a range of flavourful Indian, international and fusion delicacies, the Square promises a true fine dining experience. It observes the highest standards of service and offers a unique experience to the customer. The café is visually and aesthetically appealing with a refined and minimalist design. The ambience is set in warm tones that is inviting to all coffee enthusiasts. Spread across 3000 sq. feet, the new Coffee Day Square can host 140 guests at a time, offering each one a gastronomic fine dining experience. The café with its refined indoor setting and cosy and laid-back outdoor seating arrangements, offers a gorgeous view of the sea, especially the sunset. The ambience combined with its excellent selection of food and beverages, definitely makes the Square one of the top picks in the city for diners.

For all coffee connoisseurs, The Square menu offers the finest selection of coffees which includes Single Origin Coffees and variants prepared using Alternate Brewing techniques. Each method which includes Siphon, French Press and Pour Over, accentuates a particular taste profile with a rich and deep combination of flavours. Fascinating coffee innovations also include beverages such as Espresso Express and Smoke-it-up Cold Brew.

Keeping in mind the global trend of wellness, the exquisite menu has also lined up a selection of beverages made with the latest wellness ingredients like avocado, sea buckthorn, chamomile and more. Beverages such as Amazing Avonade, Zesty Coconut Mandarin and infusions like Tranquil Twist have been introduced in order to create a fine balance between wellness and indulgence along with rich beverages like Cocoa Excess Shake and Maharaja Shake.

The food menu brings you flavoursome bites, signature meals and spicy-sweet treats that have been curated with a creative flair and passion. While the menu has offerings which are time-specific with an extensive range of breakfast, lunch & dinner options, there is a separate section catering to all-day diners as well who crave for mouth-watering options between meal times. The dessert category includes an irresistible range of celebratory cakes and pastries to complete every meal. The Square offers plenty to intrigue the palate with the likes of Caviar, Avocados, and the use of three exotic varieties of cheese – Cheddar, Blue cheese, and Gouda. There are also exemplary cooking techniques like smoking and molecular gastronomy correlated to global cooking trends and eating habits.

Commenting on the launch of The Square, Venu Madhav, CEO, Café Coffee Day said, “Mumbai is one of the quintessential cosmopolitan cities of the world. It is a hotspot for haute, innovative and unique gastronomical experiences. The people are well travelled, open to new experiences and are continuously evolving in their culinary tastes. We conceptualized The Coffee Day Square to give evolved diners an elevated global dining experience that complements their appreciation for the finer things in life. With the Square, we bring the best and globally trending ingredients and cooking techniques to our patrons. We are thrilled to introduce our expertly crafted culinary creations and alternate coffee brewing techniques to the people of the city. This will not only delight our guests, but take forward the culinary evolution of Mumbai and their coffee drinking experiences to the next level. We want our customers to come in and feel inspired.”

Whether you wish to relax with a morning coffee or dine more formally, whether it’s a heart-warming signature meal or a selection of sweet treats, whether it’s the hot sip or cold brews, Coffee Day Square is the ideal location for an exemplary global culinary treat in town.


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