Café Coffee Day Is Now Offering Wi-Fi In Bangalore And Delhi

In restaurants and cafes, it’s becoming more and more common to hear customers asking waiters if there’s free
Wi-Fi. Almost everyone has a smartphone and everyone feels the need to be connected. To keep up with customer demands, Cafe Coffee Day (CCD), an Indian chain of coffee shops has teamed up with O-Zone, a Wi-Fi service provider.

A Lot Can Happen Over Coffee (with Wi-Fi)

As a part of the tie-up, CCD is already providing Wi-Fi connectivity to customers in 225 CCD outlets across Delhi and Bangalore. Additionally, 24 CCD outlets in Delhi will allow customers to use O-Zone’s association with SpeedFetch to their advantage and download games as well as videos and other large files at large speeds.

For the first 30 minutes, a customer will be able to use the Wi-Fi free following which, they will be charged Rs.15 for 30 minutes for 1GB of usage. The 24 outlets in Delhi which use SpeedFetch will not be charged at all for the Wi-Fi.


Commenting on the initiate, Venu Madhav, the CEO of Cafe Coffee Day said ““Ensuring customer delight with innovation in products and services is vital in the café industry. Today with the rise of smart phones, there is not only an increasing need to stay connected at all times but also a demand for high-speed connections since our audiences are multi-tasking on various applications and time is of the essence. With our association with O-Zone Networks, we aim to provide this service to our patrons who will now be able to enjoy free, fast and secure Wi-Fi connection and benefit from the enhanced café experience.”


The first phase of the offer is already underway in Delhi and Bangalore. In the next phase, CCD plans to introduce Wi-Fi at outlets in Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai and Goa.