Cafe Coffee Day Launches Their International Burger Carnival Featuring Six Delicious Burgers

Cafe Coffee Day is bringing to customers and food lovers all across the country something unique, interesting and most definitely exciting. They’ve introduced the International Burger Carnival, a food festival of sorts that has six burgers with internationally authentic flavours that will send you and your tastebuds on a culinary journey around the world.

Burgers are iconic fast food items and Cafe Coffee Day has taken the burger experience up a notch with this new addition. Of the six, three are vegetarian and three are non-vegetarian, making these burgers available for everyone who visits their outlets anywhere. Plus, each serving comes with two burgers that will satiate any kind of hunger at absolutely any time.


On the vegetarian menu, they have the Afghan-e-Paneer made from Afghani paneer tikka, grilled in butter masala with cheese, onions and lettuce layers into a peri-peri seasoned bun. There is also the Egyptian Falafel where the patty is made with mozzarella cheese and hummus set in a toasty bun with peri-peri seasoning. And finally, there is the American Crispy which has a crunchy veg patty with cheese, tangy red onions, lettuce and chilli salsa topped with nacho chips in a seasoned bun.

The non-vegetarian menu has delicious burgers like the African Pepper Chicken that has juicy chicken cubes in spicy pepper sauce, topped with tangy red onions and fresh lettuce. And the Egyptian Roast which has roast chicken with mozzarella cheese, onions and mayo wrapped in a hot bun straight from the spice markets of Egypt. And finally, the American Classic which has a crispy chicken patty, crunchy lettuce, onions and creamy mayo sandwiched between a freshly baked bun.

Speaking about this new launch, Venu Madhav, CEO of Coffee Day Global Limited said, “CCD lovers know how we strive to create experiences that are both delicious and delightful. After the successful launch of winter beverages, Magical Brews, it is food that takes centre stage at CCD. With the youth’s love for burgers which is gaining more and more popularity, we bring to them ‘International Burger Carnival’ a range of scrumptious burgers in authentic international flavours that is unlike any other. Whether it’s the Egyptian Falafel or the spicy African Pepper Chicken or the Afghan Paneer, every preparation is crafted to exemplify unique taste. We are sure the young customers of CCD will enjoy our latest offering.”

These burgers start at Rs. 110 and each portion gets you two burgers. You can find the International Burger Carnival menu at all Cafe Coffee Day outlets in your city very soon!