Café Coffee Day Has Introduced Some Magical Brews To Celebrate The Holiday Season

Cafe Coffee Day, India’s leading coffee chain has launched a new range of products to celebrate the holiday season. Named ‘Magical Brews’ the range introduced six new beverages which will tap into the heart emotions of festivities during the holiday season.

The Variants

The Magical Brews range includes two lattes; the Cranberry Latte which has whipped cream, cocoa topping and dried cranberries and the Red Velvet Latte which has whipped cream and a red velvet topping.


Inspired by the love of South Indian filter coffee is the Classic Filter coffee which is served in the traditional style. There’s also the innovative Inverted Cappuccino which turns the classic cappuccino on its head with steamed milk,, a coffee ring and then foamed milk.


Hot cocoa fans can try the Gourmet Hot Coca which has a hot chocolate blend with a cream swirl and crunchy Oreo cookies or the Cranberry Hot Cocoa with cranberry, hot chocolate and a whipped cream topping.

Commenting on the new brews, Venu Madhav, the CEO of Cafe Coffee Day said “with every season, we innovate and introduce new and exciting menu additions for our patrons. With Magical Brews, we have struck a balance between international and classic beverages that will appeal to our vast and diverse patrons across the country. This menu highlights our tireless effort which always ensures a new experience at our cafes and little bit of magic to your moments spent at CCD. Walk in this season and enjoy your favourite cuppa at our outlets.”

The Magical Brews range will be available from Rs.91 onwards at CCD outlets across the country.

P.s Stay tuned for our review of CCD’s Magical brews!