Café Coffee Day Enhancing Coffee Lovers Delight with ‘Latte Art Festival’

Ever dreamt of drinking the perfect glossy Rosetta? Or are you head-over-heels for the elegantly shaped heart variations on your latte? Well, for all you coffee aficionados now is the time to head straight to your nearest Cafe Coffee Day outlet that is hosting the ‘Latte Art Festival’. Enhancing customer delight is this ingenious first of its kind festival in the country that will serve your favourite coffee specially topped with some creative art designs. This festival will go on for 12 days across 10 cafes in Bengaluru starting 19th March 2018.

Café Coffee Day Enhancing Coffee Lovers Delight with ‘Latte Art Festival’

Café Coffee Day is offering five latte art design options to choose from. It includes Heart, Rosette, Double Heart, Tulip and Wave Heart that will be poured over by the café staff skilled in making good latte art in selected 10 cafes.. Cafe Coffee Day has once again managed to hit the nail on the head by bolstering itself as numero uno when it comes to augmenting the joy and experience of sipping coffee.

The phrase ‘we eat with our eyes’ has never been more relevant than it is in today’s coffee industry. Latte art is an integral part of the coffee world making a latte or cappuccino even more tempting and appealing. It takes skill to create a beautiful latte art which only expert brewmasters can deliver.. Starting on 19th of March, 2018, the ‘Latte Art Festival will be conducted across 10 cafes in the city for 12 days.

Venues Participating in the Latte Art Festival:

1. Ispahani Cunningham Road

2. LA Marvel

3. CMH Lounge

4. Global Ventures

5. Upper Palace Orchards

6. New Devasandra

7. Brigade homestead

8. New Ashoka pillar

9. Murgeshpalya

10. Nandidurga Road