Café Coffee Day Is Celebrating Christmas With An All New Menu At Coffee Day Square

Coffee Day Square, an exquisite offering by Cafe Coffee Day is all set to launch its irresistible new menu celebrating the taste of finer things in life. An exotic range of alternate brewing techniques, tantalizing international cuisines, global cooking techniques, international standard presentation and a tempting selection of wellness and indulgent F&B options, will make Coffee Day Square every discerning coffee and food connoisseurs dream come true.

Guaranteed to take you on a culinary world tour, this delectable new menu reflects the current trends that will liven up your senses and bring you something you’ve never experienced before. The menu plays around with international flavours in a manner that it offers a new twist by interestingly combining flavours.


What’s New?

Known for its unique coffee experience with Single Origin Coffees, the new beverages launched in the menu at Coffee Day Square begins with three Alternate Brewing techniques, where each method accentuates a particular taste profile with a rich, deep combination of flavors – the Siphon, the French Press, and the Pour Over.

Fascinating coffee innovations also include drinks like Espresso Express which is a shot of espresso with an intriguing flavour of rum and tequila topped with milk foam. There is also the unique Smoke-it-up Cold Brew – a Mandarin flavoured cold brew, which comes in a blanket of smoke in the ‘Cold Coffee Extravaganza’ category.

There is also a whole new range of selected beverage categories like ‘Luscious Smoothies & Shakes’, ‘Soulful Sips’, ‘Virgin Cocktails’, ‘Refreshing Teas’, and not to forget ‘Cocoa Excess Shake’. Meanwhile, drinks like Avonade, Zesty Coconut Mandarin and infusions like Tranquil Twist and Purple Berry Blast have been introduced in order to create a fine balance between wellness and indulgence.Café Coffee Day Is Celebrating Christmas With An All New Menu At Coffee Day Square


Café Meets Gourmet

Coffee Day Square offers a visual appeal combined with exemplary cooking techniques like smoking and molecular gastronomy that is correlated to global cooking as well as eating habits. Items like Lentil Vadas, which serves caviar on crispy vadas, have been introduced to the menu.

A unique blend of International flavors has been authenticated with a tasty twist. Specific items in the Japanese, Korean, Oriental cuisine have a zing of Indian flavor in it, Vietnamese Grilled Paneer Skewers, Nashville Chicken Fingers, Kung Pao Chilli Chicken to name a few.

The menu is time specific too, running into an extensive breakfast, lunch & dinner options. The dessert category can be reserved for an after dinner meal. However, there is a separate section catering to the all-day diners who can experience mouth-watering options between anytime of the day. Diners can choose to enjoy morning favourites including eggs and omelettes, celebratory cakes, pastries and heart-warming pizzas and burgers complimented with light and fresh salads.

Adding to the experience is an irresistible range of cakes and desserts. There’s plenty to intrigue your palate with the likes of caviar, avocados, and the use of not one, but three exotic varieties of cheese – Cheddar, Blue cheese, and Gouda.Café Coffee Day Is Celebrating Christmas With An All New Menu At Coffee Day Square

Basically, this season, Coffee Day Square is changing the way you hangout!

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