cafe by day, bar by night!!

A café. A bar. A place where people come together to share their love for delicious food, cocktails, music and everything good in life…this is what AMPM cafe is, a creative and much needed product of Mr. Rajan Sethi.

This chic café is located in Rajouri Garden, one of the most happening and well known places in Delhi. Beautifully theatrical, this place gives you the perfect aura and you can easily imagine yourself sitting in a beautiful café in California. Its rustic rooftop ambiance makes AMPM café the place you would like to sit and chill with your friends over a pint of beer. Coming to its food, needless to say, this café serves some of the best Italian dishes. Along with Italian they also serve culinary delights, from cuisines like- Asian, Mediterranean, American, European etc.

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just at a two minutes walk from the metro station, in line with Pind Balluchi, London kitchen etc, stands this tall building, with AMPM on the 3rd and 4th floor, above TCB. being a cafe cum lounge, available to cater the youth at any point of the day or night, this cafe is amongst the best in Rajouri.

the 3rd floor seating arrangement is quit with mild lighting and a fine dining feel, though the 4th floor is what will get you excited as its always crowded with youth, with loud music blasting, some rustic furniture covering half the terrace area and really cool black and white musician posters adorning the walls of the inside seating, separated by a sliding glass door!!


the service is great, the staff is really friendly and suggestive…dishes kept floating in with spectacular presentation , and with each dish came its brief description along with some great accompaniments…a special mention of Mr. Bhatt, our server for the day, his service was exceptional and really warming!!


Chef Jay Prakash loves his food and that shows in each and every dish prepared by him. We were treated to a variety of dishes, none of which disappointed us in any which way. The menu has something for everyone, if your a vegetarian, or tight on funds, or love seafood, or simply just want some casual bites to munch on with your drinks….the thoughtfully designed menu caters to all your needs. so the feast consisted of:

Vegetable spring roll: a Thai delicacy, thin and crispy rolls stuffed with delicious glass noodles, fine shreds of shitake mushrooms, peppers and carrots… again a must have…the spring rolls were not at all oily and perfectly crisp.


tomato bruchetta: fresh tomatoes flavored with garlic, basil and olive oil served on slice of crispy french bread. the tomatoes were fresh, cold and had a citric taste with onion, olives topped with melted cheese.


chicken bruchetta: on similar notes like tomato bruchetta though warm in temperature, chicken mice tossed in olive oil with garlic, basil and tomato base, served on a toasted crispy french bread.


spanakopita cheese: a Greek savory lil samosas stuffed with minced spinach and ricotta cheese, loved it, crispy coating with cheesy filling!! a must have !!


chicken nugget canape: crispy fried chicken nugget placed on shallow fried round cut bread, topped with olive and sundried tomato tapenade, was a good canape to go along with drinks!!


breaded fish finger: breaded fish fingers, with moist fish inside and crispy coating, served with tartar sauce!!
mix veg & chive dimsum: steamed dumplings with finely chopped veggies and a distinct taste of chives, served along with four different dips!!


chicken burger: soft bun with lettuce, tomato, topped with olive, served separately with house spiced chicken patty(which for me wasn’t impressive as i found the chicken to be dry and bland and the coating a bit soggy) served with house salad and wedges….
tropical veg burger: two delicious, crispy, spiced vegetable patties with melted cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomatoes, served with potato wedges and house salad. wedges were good, salad light and crunchy, bun was soft..accompanied with lettuce and tomato stacked together with delicious patty served separately….loved it.. again a must have!!


mustard chicken salad: grilled strips of chicken, with assorted peppers, fresh leafy greens, tossed in mustard mayo dressing was light and refreshing with an after punch of mustard!!
most of the starters were served with various dips like onion jam, garlic jam, sweet chili sauce etc!!

to gulp it all down and to beat the heat we had:

morning sun:orange juice, grandine, crushed ice formed this pretty looking sweet drink, with flavor that are best suited for summers,,, light and refreshing!!


singapore sling: a mild tasting drink with gin, brandy, pineapple and lime, a slightly sweet and light drink…a good one for summers.
lastly to end this awesome hearty food journey, we binged on:

baked new york cheese cake: classic new york cheese cake slice served with berry compote on top, though it was round shaped, with a thick layer of cream cheese, a silky disc of chocolate beneath, over a thin and crispy cornflake like, oat cookie base… the three layers separated easily and we could taste them distinctively…presented with green and red jelly droplets!!
white chocolate parfait: a must have…loved this cold, light and airy dessert…white chocolate and whipped cream amalgamated so beautifully that it feels you’re eating whipped cream and vanilla ice cream if seen carefully with two different textures respectively.. served in a small cute jar…


dark chocolate mousse: a perfect ending…smooth, rich and dense chocolate mousse, which lingered on my palate for long, served in a martini glass, dusted with dash of espresso, topped with mint leaf!!
The place is like oasis in the desert. In middle of mummy and papa restaurants is the different and energetic AMPM. Pocket friendly prices, a perfect place to chill with your buddies over great food, awesome music, efficient service and an awesome vibe.