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Cadbury Oreo Eggs Are Definitely A Thing And We Want Them Too!


If you’re been seeing pictures of Cadbury Oreo Eggs all over the internet and wondering what the deal is, let us help you out. Because it’s a unique thing and we’re jealous.

Canada has been selling and eating these delicious Cadbury Oreo Eggs most of last year, but it’s just coming to light that this is something that American hasn’t been able to get their hands on yet. Oh, Canada!

JunkBanter, everybody’s favourite food Instagrammer posted about it earlier this month and since then, the internet has been going a little crazy trying to find ways to get their hands on this fantastic candy. And of course with Easter only a few months away, this is obviously going to make the best kind of treat for everyone.

The Cadbury chocolate egg is filled with Oreo cream and mixed with crunchy Oreo cookies. And to make it worse, the UK has had it for a good portion of last year as well in both large and mini versions. And a Vanilla Mousse version was launched in Australia.

If we can get our hands on these eggs before Easter, it might just be the best treat ever!