Cadbury Chocolairs Gold Has A Fun New Ad Campaign For You To Watch

What do you do when you need a brother or sister to keep quiet about exploits you don’t necessarily want your parents to know about?  Why, you bribe them, of course. Either you offer them some cold hard cash, assume responsibility for some of their least favourite chores or – this always works with us – offer them some delicious treats.

Mondelez India has captured this exact sentiment in a new TVC for its Cadbury Choclairs Gold. The Choclairs Gold are bite sized candies which are filled with caramel.


In the TVC, conceptualised by Saatchi & Saatchi, an older brother arrives home late. His younger brother is just about to alert the whole household and tell on him, but he manages to make him keep mum by tossing a candy at him.

Amit Shah, associate director – marketing (gum, candy and beverages), Mondelez India, said, “Cadbury Choclairs Gold has been loved by consumers over the years. With the brand proposition of ‘Mooh Bandh Rakhne Ka Double Lagega,’ the whole idea of the campaign is to bring out the richness of the double chocolatey Cadbury Choclairs Gold emphasising on more value at the price point of just two rupees. This versatile mix of emotions makes the commercial engaging, endearing and a pleasure to watch.”

Perhaps you should carry a double of Cadbury Choclairs the next time you’re planning on staying out late?