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BuzzFeed Video Brings Us The Stages Of Eating Ice Cream (As Told By Babies)


Do you remember the first time you tasted ice cream? Revelled in the creamy coolness and the choice between a thousand different flavours? Maybe not, but we’re sure you know the pure joy of digging into a tub (or two) of ice cream after battling a long day in the stifling sun. 














When someone mentions ice cream, we all go through a variety of phases. BuzzFeed video put together a video about the stages of eating ice cream, using babies as examples. After all, a baby throwing a tantrum over wanting ice cream is way cuter than an adult doing the same, right?

Watch as these babies display the different stages of ice cream cravings from “when someone suggests ice cream ” to “when you see it” to “it’s so good you could bathe in it.” They’ll have you in splits. And then you’ll go get yourself some ice cream; fair warning.