Would You Buy This Avocado Sock To “Perfectly Ripen” Your Fruit? #POLL

Maintaining the freshness and taste of half-cut fruits or cutting open one at just the right time is vital. For example, a fruit may look gorgeous on the outside but pose the risk of being as raw as dough on the inside. So how do you make sure that your fruit is perfectly raw? Well, avocado lovers need not worry anymore because there is now a handy solution to make sure that your guacamoles turn out just right!

Behold, the avocado sock! According to the revolutionary new fruit ripener’s (yes, we just coined that word) website, “is an all-natural, effective way to ensure you have a perfectly ripe avocado every single time.” Made up of 100% Shetland wool from a 200-year-old Scottish woolen mill, the bag is super easy to use as well: all you need to do slip in your fruit into the bag and leave it be for some time. Your avocado will come out all nice and ripe in just under a day! It is as simple as that.

The idea for the sock stemmed from an age-old – and nearly forgotten – technique of ripening avocados in wool socks.

Would You Buy This Avocado Sock To "Perfectly Ripen" Your Fruit? #POLLImage: www.theavocadosock.com

How is it better than any other bag, you may wonder. Turns out the warmth provided by the aforementioned materials is not something that can be achieved by regular cloth or fiber.

The avocado sock is available in four gorgeous pastel hues – nutmeg, tusk, pewter, and olive – to suit your liking, each for USD 14.99 (~INR 1,000). But here’s the real question: would you rather invest in a 15-dollar bag or rely on your fruit picking skills at the super market to ensure perfectly ripe avocados? Vote below and let us know!

Feature Image: Avocado Central