Businesses Across the U.S. introduce Election Freebies to Entice Foodies to Vote

November 6th, 2018. While half the Indian population was busy bursting firecrackers, and the other half was busy covering their ears, American citizens were busy casting their vote for the Mid-Term Elections, and donning their ‘I Voted’ stickers.

Many businesses across the United states had several offers and discounts for people who walked in with an ‘I Voted’ Sticker, as an incentive to encourage citizens to exercise their right to vote. Although offering free food for voting is technically illegal, there have not been any recorded cases against such businesses, as “Federal law enforcement has bigger fish to fry,” as Alexander Hertel-Fernandez, a political scientist and an assistant professor of public affairs at Columbia University put it.

Businesses Across the U.S. introduce Election Freebies to Entice Foodies to Vote

Vote for Free Food

Eateries like Baked by Melissa, Shake Shack, Blaze Pizza, Sugar Shack, and Baskin Robins, to name a few, have offered customers sporting an ‘I Voted’ sticker, free cookies, chips and queso, fries, drip coffee, and donuts with their orders, and Baskin Robins put out an offer for buy-one-get-one-free 99 cents ice-cream cones. DoorDash also promised free door delivery for online pizza orders.

Other benefits for voters included free rides to the closest polling area by Uber, reduced charge or free child care by many Y.M.C.A.s when the parents go to the polling station, and free daily moisturizing lotion by the dermatologist Dr. Pimple Popper.

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