Grab Your Knives And Forks, Burrp! Certificates Are Back, And How.

Burrp!, launched in 2006, was India’s first food and restaurant discovery space and introduced consumer technology in the food and beverage industry. After a successful relaunch of Burrp! in October 2015, Burrp! is now back with their iconic Burrp! Certificates.

Spread across 55 categories and 7 cities, Burrp! aims to felicitate the top 300 deserving restaurants in every city through an online voting platform. This comeback will celebrate innovation and creativity in the hospitality sector across Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad & Chennai.


The All New Burrp!

“Burrp! introduced the concept of recognizing praiseworthy restaurants in this space through Burrp! Certificates in 2009. As we celebrate a decade in the industry this year, we wanted to share our happiness with our users & restaurant partners.” Pradeep Prabhu, Co-Business Head, Burrp! said.

With the food scene having evolved and expanded vastly over the last few years, consumers have been given more choices to look forward to. The reintroduction of the burrp certificates aims at making it easier for everyone to discover mouthwatering food and great restaurants.

“Burrp certificates are quintessentially for the foodie as we emphasize more on delectable food over other criteria’s” Mr. Pradeep added. 

The User Voting Plaform For Burrp! Certificates

Burrp has constituted a jury that comprises of renowned bloggers and influencers in every city who will bring their expertise to the team in identifying the best amongst the best. Users can begin voting on Burrp website and mobile app from 28th November 2016. The voting options is open until 31st December 2016. Final winners will be decided by Users & Jury. For the users who are voting, there will be 3 daily lucky winners.

The user voting platform for Burrp! Certificates includes three categories which are then divided into sub-categories. The first category is the ‘Best Restaurant‘ in the particular city, which comprises of different types of restaurants in the specific city. The second category refers to ‘Best Cuisine‘, which includes recognizing the different cuisines served in the restaurants and choosing the best of them. And the last category is the ‘Best Dish’. Burrp! believes that every restaurant has a unique way of preparing food and they would like to recognize the best of the lot!