Burmese Egg Masala
December 4, 2017
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Burmese Egg Masala

Burmese cuisine is inclined by the foods of three main neighbors( Thailand, India and China). EGG dishes are valued by the Burmese and are often eaten as light meals between the main meals of the day.

The Best Way to eat this Dish :

Burmese Egg Masala prepared by Burma food sellers. They recommend the best method to eat the egg is in one gulp to enjoy the perfect taste!!

Enjoy the fried onion and garlic oil richness flavored in the egg..Yummy!!

Burmese recipe: Ingredients:
Boiled Egg
Chilli Flakes Seasoning
Lemon Juice
Fried Onion
Raw Onion
Tamarind water
Fried Garlic
Garlic infused oil
Coriander leaves

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