Burgundy Box Celebrates Its First Birthday With A Signature Menu

A year ago, Vivek Mehra, Shabnam Mehra and Sandip Singh got together to create Burgundy Box, a service which sends over DIY Meal Kits to Mumbai’s suburban crowd. These DIY Meal Kits contain precisely measured ingredients and instructions on how to transform them into a variety of delicious dishes. Now, on the occasion of its 1st anniversary, Burgundy Box has crafted a Signature DIY menu which includes 12 popular favourites over the year at a discounted price.

How It Works

A customer first has to click over to the Burgundy Box website, where they’ll be presented with a range of dishes across cuisines like Salli Murgh, Pesto Marinated Cottage Cheese Sandwich, Thai Green Curry and Penne in a spicy tomato sauce as well as desserts like Snickerdoodle cookies and chocolate chip cookies.


After a dish catches their eye, the customer can then place an order for it, selecting the quantity he wants to serve at checkout. Burgundy Box then sends over their DIY meal kits with measured ingredients which are chopped, as well as prepared gravies and a recipe card. Each meal Burgundy Box curates can be cooked in less than 20 minutes, making it even more appealing to the time pressed customer who wants a home cooked meal.

Celebrating A Year

Over the past year, Burgundy Box monitored the sales of all the dishes they curate and, based on bestselling items, created a ‘Signature Menu’ with dishes like Alubkhara Kofte, Bhuna Paneer Lazees, a Mezze Platter, Barbeque Paneer Steaks, tacos and Mac and Cheese.


Through the month of July, the service is offering customers a 20% on these 12 dishes. Commenting on the occasion, Shabnam Mehra said “Everyone loves a great meal but not everybody enjoys putting it together, Burgundy Box wants to introduce this innovation to cooking at home and make cooking a pleasure. Our customers range from homemakers to first timers in the kitchen and include kids as well. We want to thank all our customers for their support and suggestion thru the year and bring a special offer on one best seller dish from each month that we have been in business.” 

Ready to try out a DIY meal? There’s no better time; take advantage of Burgundy Box’s birthday celebrations today!