BurgerMan – A Burger Joint Sans Junk

Regulars to Elliots Beach (or Bessy as it’s fondly called) would not have missed this bright yellow building located at 4th Main Road, Besant Nagar. BurgerMan, completing one year in its second version, is all about good food and a wholesome experience. What started in 2006 as a result of a college project, grew up to be a string of kiosks in over eight cities. They took a break in 2014 and came back with a bang in 2017, with a lot more to offer than just great food.

Smartly done décor with paper bags and tungsten bulbs, a huge community table and a wall that says #iamburgerman are what welcome you as you enter. Upstairs, it is all about charming wooden seating areas, plush cushioned sofas, and the history of BurgerMan mapped out for their patrons. Their connection to arcade games is evident in their logo as well as their décor. They also have a cozy, outdoor dining area on the balcony where one can enjoy their food with the sea breeze for company.

We definitely had a tough time choosing a starter from their extensive list of salads and finally chose their Mexican Veggie Nachos and Chicken Beamer Salad. Their chicken salad has juicy chicken patty strips with crunchy veggies in a bed of lettuce that come together with a tangy sauce. What is served as an appetizer can very well be a meal on its own. It is that yummy and filling.

The Mexican Veggie Nachos come heaped with diced veggies fresh as they can get and tastes delightfully Mexican. The nachos couldn’t get any crispier and the dish is a tangy explosion of flavors in the mouth.

The part of our meal that we’ve been waiting for the most comes up next – the burgers. The Mexican Chicken burger was everything we hoped it would be. With a scrumptious chicken patty, luscious vegetables, tangy Salsa Mexicana sauce and nachos, the burger was the ultimate Mexican fiesta in a dish.

We decided to go fruity for our shake and tried the Pink Berry, a lip-smacking strawberry milkshake topped with red velvet crumbles. The drink was thick, creamy and the perfect way to finish off our meal. It is a must-have on a hot day.

Food at BurgerMan was yummy, filling and healthy all at one go and the experience in itself was an unforgettable one. This is definitely a burger joint that makes you keep coming back for more and you will be glad you did. Every time.