Would You Stick Your Burger Through A Straw?

We know, there are far too many food trends to keep up with – but do you remember when people starting sticking straws through their doughnuts on top of their frappuccinos? We weren’t all that alarmed. After all, doughnuts do have holes in them and even the ones that didn’t, a little extra sugar didn’t hurt anyone.

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It was more of a way to have a snack and drink on the go, with hardly any cons. However, it has morphed into something far more devious! In Japan, they’ve started putting burgers through a straw on top of their soda drinks and honestly, I have to say that I’m seriously disturbed by it and it seems I may not be alone.

This tweet translates as, “How is this cute? Why is this popular? We need to stop this. It’s gross. There’s bits of hamburger in the straw. It’s making me lose my appetite lol.” Yes, we know, we feel you, this trend is so far from right that it’s practically communist (yes, I just made a left wing joke).