Burger In A London Restaurant Weighs A Whopping 2 Kilograms

Burger In A London Restaurant Weighs A Whopping 2 Kilograms

We’re sure you must have enjoyed a whopper from the Burger King or even a double down from KFC but could you ever challenge yourself to finish a burger that weighs two whole kilograms? If the report by Times Now is to be believed, you can head to Lambeth’s Florentine, a restaurant in London that makes a 2kg burger!

Big Burger Big Appetite

The report by Times Now says that The Herculean Truffle Burger at Lambeth’s Florentine costs £55 or about Rs.4700 and weighs two kilograms. The creator of the burger is the Head Chef of the restaurant, Ryan Matheson. The report further says that the truffles used to make the burger are sourced all the way from Umbria in Italy.

The burger is seemingly impossible for one person to finish but we’re sure that group of four to five friends can mop it up. The report says that the burger is made using British Derby and the homemade brioche bun itself weighs 600 grams. The recipe also includes homemade truffle mayonnaise made using fresh truffles and the burger is served with homemade chips, dips and sweet potato fries.

Image Source: http://florentinerestaurant.co.uk/