Burger King Is Taking Steps To Make Sure The Chickens It Buys Are Treated Humanely

Burger King, a major global fast food chain has made a major change to its sourcing procedure; it will takes steps to ensure it is buying chickens only from farms which treat them humanely. The chickens will have to be raised according to welfare standards set by the animal advocacy group Global Animal Partnership (GAP).

Guidelines From The Global Animal Partnership

According to the welfare standards from the GAP, the chickens need to be given more room, clean living conditions and good quality litter and feed.

“Chickens raised for meat, also known as ‘broilers,’ are among the most abused animals on the planet,” GAP said in a joint statement with Burger King. Burger King will ensure the farms they are sourcing their chickens from are complying with the standards by employing third party auditors. It will fully implement the changes necessary by 2024.

Other major fast food chains like Starbucks, Chipotle and Panera Bread have already taken steps to ensure they are sourcing their chickens from humane farms. In December, Burger King announced that it stop using chickens which have been fed certain antibiotics.