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Did Burger King Steal The Mac N’ Cheetos Recipe From ‘The Vulgar Chef’?


Not too long ago, Burger King made thousands of dreams come true by introducing a deep-fried Cheetos and mac n’ cheese hybrid, called the Mac n’ Cheetos. People went crazy, the dish tasted mind-blowing and BK’s new experiment was an overnight hit. Except that it wasn’t actually BK’s experiment.

If you’re an ardent food surfer, you must have chanced upon this totally whack food blogger and YouTuber who goes by the name ‘The Vulgar Chef’ a.k.a Kyle Marcoux. Almost A YEAR (September 2015) prior to Burger King’s launch of the “revolutionary” Mac n’ Cheetos, Marcoux had uploaded an uncanny recipe on his YouTube channel, Foodbeast reported.

Clearly, the only difference between the two versions is the shape of the snack.

“At first I was like what the fuck? Like … you’re fucking Burger King,” the Marcoux told Foodbeast. “It actually is a little flattering that a company as large as BK would take an idea from a fat, drunk, illiterate food blogger who is basically an internet food troll. Kind of sad if you ask me.”

Unfortunately, there’s not much that can be done from The Vulgar Chef’s end because he doesn’t have a copyright for the recipe.


Not cool, Burger King. Not cool.


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