Burger King Spain Is Launching A Doritos Burger


After taking its Whopperito across America, fast food chain Burger King is now brining some bizarreness to Spain; it’s launching a steakhouse Doritos burger.

Meet The Burger

This burger is made with two meat patties smothered in American cheese, lettuces, tomato, mayo and a handul of Doritos in Nacho Cheese flavours.

Burger King Doritos Burger

The burger will be available for until November 31st across Spain, which is one of Burger King’s largest markets in Europe.

Make Your Own?

We doubt the Doritos burger is going to make its appearance in India anytime soon. However, you can make yourself a replica, we’re sure, by getting takeout at a Burger King, buying some Doritos and scattering a handful of them over your patty.