September 14, 2016
Karishma (2158 articles)

Burger King Has Now Come Up With Cheetos Chicken Fries

After Burger King Spain introduced the Doritos burger, Burger King US has further stepped up the fast food-snacks marriage game by creating Cheetos Chicken Fries.

Dangerously Cheesy

These snacks are regular chicken fries coated with Cheeto dust.

Cheetos Chicken FriesBurg

The Chicken Fries have been tested in Burger King for a couple of years before 2015, when they became permanent additions to the menu. Indeed, the chicken fries were so loved that Burger King even released a special chicken fries keyboard, which has chicken fries emoji.

However, responses to the Cheetos Chicken Fries are mixed:

The new fries were announced in a tweet by Burger King, which said that they will be rolled out on Wednesday September 14th for $2.89 for nine pieces.

The launch comes just a few months after Burger King released their Mac n’ Cheetos; fried macaroni coated with cheese bits.

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