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Burger King Has Just Introduced Something Totally Romantic For Valentine’s Day


Let’s all be very honest here – we’ve wanted a moment like the spaghetti moment in Lady & The Tramp our whole lives. Like, why do only dogs to have that kind of cute moment that changes everything? While it’s not always romantic or even that clean, it’s still something we’d like to experience once or twice.

The closest anyone has come to creating something to share is Burger King. Thanks to their Valentine’s Cup.

It’s cute to share drinks and fries and if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like sharing your straw with someone else – even your other half – this is the one thing you’ve been waiting for. The Valentine’s Cup comes with a lid with two straw-holes, which means that both of you can drink the soda at the same time, without having to take turns. Like in the movies they have the kids drinking milkshakes while staring into each others eyes? Yeah, this gives you that.

According to a press release, Burger King has been working on this for a while and it’s finally here, after “many years of researches and innovations”. Now go have yourself a very Happy Valentine’s Day.