Burger King Just Asked Wendy’s To Prom & Their Response Was Perfect

ICYMI, Wendy’s has been known to throw down some pretty savage burns directed at their competitors on Twitter. However, it looks like Burger King has melted through the Burn Queen’s icy Twitter front just in time for prom season!

A Burger King in Lynn, Massachusetts very publicly asked out the Wendy’s next door, via their storefront sign. Honestly, we’d be a little scared tweeting at Wendy’s, but of course, they came through as usual.

Wendy’s agreed, but, of course, they laid down a few stipulations.

Burger King then changed their sign to the most adorable thing ever.

Burger King and Burger Queen, does it get more romantic than that? I’m not crying, you’re crying!

Wendy’s still managed to throw some savage burns at McD’s.

Wendy’s remains the Twitter Queen!


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