Burger King India Plans To Expand By Early Next Year

According to the Economic Times, the number of Burger King outlets in India will expand to three digits in by early next year; it currently has 66 outlets across the country. The expansion will be facilitated by Everstone which holds a majority stake in Burger King India.

Burger King in India

Burger King entered India in 2014, relatively late compared to other QSR competitors. Since its entry, it has opened 66 outlets in 9 cities across India.


The fast food chain has taken great efforts to develop a menu that suits the Indian palate; it has 11 burgers on the menu that are only served in India like the Veggie and Chicken Tandoori Burger.


Additionally, the chain maintains cultural sensitivity with a no beef and no pork policy.

Plans To The Expand

Jose Cil, the global president of Burger King was in recently in India touring 30 Burger King outlets across the country.

Commenting on the Indian market to the Economic Times, he said “It’s a market where we are just getting started. Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) are just evolving in India and we are in the market at the right time. In India, we now have all the ingredients in place to scale up aggressively.”


At present, Everstone and Burger King are looking for well-suited locations to open up outlets.