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Burger King Has Introduced Grilled Hot Dog Emojis To Its Vocab


To mark the launch of grilled hot dogs, which recently hit Burger King outlets across the US, Burger King created a series of grilled dog emojis for its customers to celebrate, use and drool over. The emojis can be used by users who have Burger King’s chicken fries emoji keyboard on their devices.

The Chicken Fries Keyboard

Yup, we’re serious. There’s an actual app devoted just to Chicken Fries. Last year, following the wildly popular launch of chicken fries as Burger King s in the USA, the brand capitalised on the craze by creating an emoji keyboard dedicated to them.  


Today, the keyboard is available on Android and IOS for free. It can be used on Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Gmail, Google Hangouts, Line, Kik and Talk, but cannot be used on Watsapp, Instagram or Snapchat.

Dogs On The Keyboard

Burger King has aggressively been promoting the launch of its grilled dogs with videos like this:

They’ve incorporated these love struck looking hot dogs emojis to their keyboard:

And are predicting these kinds of reactions:

We haven’t sampled the grilled dogs yet, but we are rolling on the floor laughing at these emojis!